Websites are Permanent on State Agency RDAs

The State Records Commission has identified – on agency Records Disposition Authorities (RDAs) – state agency websites as permanent.

State Agencies

Since 2005, ADAH archivists have captured state agency websites through a service offered by the Internet Archive called Archive-It. This service takes “snapshots” of websites through a process called web crawling. The crawls capture the websites’ appearance and top-level content periodically throughout the year.

View the preserved websites at

If your agency’s website is not being captured, please email a list of the URLs to the following:

ADAH should also be notified when a website has been redesigned or an URL has changed.

There is no guarantee that documents you have placed on your website will be captured. If any documents on your website have a permanent retention, these records need to be transmitted to ADAH separately.

*Universities and Local Governments are responsible for archiving snapshots of their own websites