Local Government Deposit Agreement

If counties or municipalities lack adequate space for preserving original permanent records, the Local Government Records Commission has approved a Local Government Records Deposit Agreement to assist them in finding a suitable off-site repository, such as a local library, archives, or commercial storage facility.

Under the agreement, the originating office retains legal custody of the records. The repository assumes physical custody, providing storage conditions adequate to ensure the records’ preservation and public access during normal business hours.

On behalf of the Local Government Records Commission, ADAH Appraisal and Records Management staff inspects the chosen repository and retains a copy of the agreement as long as it remains in force. Although envisioned as a temporary measure, deposit agreements may also be used for the long-term transfer of permanent records to a county or municipal archives. For more information, contact the Archives Division as (334) 242-4452 or email us at becky.hebert@archives.alabama.gov.

Deposit Agreement Procedures